Let it shine and Keene State College work together on cleanup race: Pumpkin Dump Derby 2013


The race to clean up Keene Pumpkin Festival

Details at a glance:

1) 13 teams. 13 territories. 13 officials/refs
2) Territories assigned by lottery.
3) Teams positioned in their territory at 8pm.
4) Derby starts with a PA announcement
5) Winner determined by referee stop watch time. Referees are responsible for determining that a territory is clear.
6) All pumpkins placed in Waste Management compost containers (dumpsters)
7) All teams completing their territory cleanup earn a $100 prize toward their cause
8) Derby winner earns a $1000 prize toward their cause
9) As teams complete their territory, they report to the Pumpkin Tower. When all teams arrive, a photo will be taken. Teams are welcome to help other territories after completing their own.
10) Teams are encouraged to wear uniforms or other identification. Participants will have ID indicators from Let it Shine (TBD for security purposes: either Wristbands, Labels, Arm bands, Lanyards, etc.)
11) Pumpkin Dump Derby is a collaboration of Pumpkin Festival Organizers Let it Shine, Inc., and Keene State College. The derby is sponsored in part by Clarke Distributors and Shipyard Brewery.
12) After the Derby begins, members of the public are permitted to depart and/or spectate on the sidewalks outside the territories.
12a) Teams sign up with




Board of Directors
Interim President: Lisa Edwards

Sec/Treasurer: John Hayes, Attorney

Alex Bates

Ted McGreer

Ken Hathaway

Luca Paris

Mike Haines, director emeritus

Management Team

STERLING Design & Communications
Ruth Sterling, MBA, principal


Action Team
All of the above plus Angela Criswell

Henry Moore

Jessica Gagne Cloutier, KSC